Is building, licensing and maintaining a render farm a core part of your business? Some of our customers maintain their own servers and software and use StratusCore’s Render Rocket when they need to burst their computing power or quickly turn around a project. Others use us for all of their rendering needs and stay out of IT altogether. A growing number are moving more capacity to the cloud to reduce costs associated with maintaining their farm.

Check out this Infographic to help you understand the trade-offs. StratusCore's Render Rocket also offers unlimited free test renders that help with calculating rendering costs and ensure your output looks perfect before submitting your full project. Just choose the test option as your payment mode when you check out.

Whether you’re considering cloud rendering to increase your capacity or for all of your render needs, StratusCore’s Render Rocket is always on, up-to-date, and secure.

Our Artist Care team is available to answer any of your technical questions. Feel free to reach out to them for support: support@stratuscore.com

Happy rendering!