Did you know that cloud storage for M&E alone is expected to grow ~25x between 2015-2021 (4,826 PB to 130,152 PB), per the 2016 Coughlin Associates report? With the swell of content reach via million." s of new displays, new content types (VR, AR, 4K,...), more content originators and new content distributors, this growth is not unusual.

"It is abundantly clear that we are facing a tsunami sized wave of data and an unquenchable demand to store, protect, share and move it in massive volumes at greater speeds while being able to track and archive it almost at the particle level. StratusCore is tackling these issues head on with innovative solutions" - Warren Carr, Line Producer and 30 year industry veteran

Come see our CEO, Denise Muyco, talk about how cloud storage is meeting these arising needs, and how it also opens a whole new set of possibilities when companies move to what we call a "Network-Based Workflow".

Session Details

10:30 AM Session B: Accelerating Workflows and Collaborative Tools: Solid State, Object Storage and the Cloud in Media and Entertainment Production
Sponsored by Scality
Flash memory and other solid-state storage technologies are faster at reading and writing than HDDs but they are more expensive on a $/GB basis. On the other hand solid-state memory can provide more transactions per $ and have lower operational costs than HDD. This session will explore connectivity and interface technologies that are able to better use the capabilities of solid-state memory as well as look at the current and future application of solid-state memory for professional media and entertainment.

Moderator: Curtis Chan, Cognitive Impact


Janae Lee, Agylstor Inc. @BigDataEmpress
Denise Muyco, StatusCore @stratuscore
David Green, Amazon Web Services
Paul Speciale, Scality @pspeciale