Have you ever been in a situation where you delivered your content and then got stiffed on being paid? Or dealt with a scenario as a content buyer where milestones weren't met and and you didn't have control of the delivery schedule?

Enter StratusCore's Digital Escrow service. Digital Escrow provides the content creation industry’s first business framework that enables a milestone-based content review, approval, delivery and payment system between artists and content buyers.

With Digital Escrow, artists can be assured that they will be fairly compensated in a timely manner, and that their content will be safely stored and watermarked during the review process. At the same time, content buyers can be confident that their content will be delivered as expected and on schedule, with clear and consistent deadlines and a simple payment process upon receipt of work.

“As an artist, I hold my breath when I send work to a client hoping that I get paid and paid on time - likewise, as an employer of freelance artists, I need to receive work on schedule,” said Frank Shi, Co-Founder of 3D/VR Production Company, Paper Triangles. “StratusCore’s Digital Escrow service introduces an intuitive business structure that lends more clarity and tracking to projects while also building a bridge of trust on both sides of the transaction.”

Digital Escrow is ready for your projects! For this month only the project set-up fee is waived.