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Free 10-Day Virtual Studio Trial Now Available

StratusCore is now offering a free 10-day Virtual Studio trial, allowing artists to test out the service and see the future of content creation first-hand.

The free trial includes Workstation hours, rendering credits, storage, Blender, GIMP and the ability to add your own Maya, Nuke or Cara VR license. More software will be available soon for direct purchase in on-demand time increments in StratusCore’s upcoming tools marketplace. 

Virtual Studio is a unified, secure platform that allows artists to create, store, share, render and transfer their work easily and collaborate simultaneously with globally dispersed teams. 2D and 3D content creation is latency-free at 60 frames per second using just a Windows browser and 8Mbps connection. 

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It's Here! Early Access Pricing Available on Virtual Studio

The future of cloud-based content creation has arrived.

StratusCore is the first company to make its Virtual Studio offering commercially available to artists everywhere. Early Access Pricing enables 2D and 3D artists to gain the financial, geographic and instant scalability FREEDOM of the Virtual Studio platform today at a 30% discount, with general availability release coming in early 2018. The 30% discount extends to Virtual Studio bundles and a la carte Virtual Workstation time, which comes in as little as 4-hour increments. 

Bundles range from monthly starter plans to comprehensive services for full-time artist. The bundles come loaded with workstation, rendering, Tier-1 storage, Blender and GIMP, and collaboration tools. Artists can also bring their own licenses [of select software] to run on their workstation. Additionally, Virtual Workstation can be purchased a la carte a the discounted rate in increments of four hours, one day, one week and one month, giving artists ultimate flexibility.

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Check out our full Early Access pricing, and turn your standard-issue laptop into your portable, professional Virtual Studio today!



Nuke 10.5v1 and Blender 2.78 Now Available for Rendering!


We now have Nuke 10.5v1 and Blender 2.78 available on our cloud render farm, Render Rocket! As always, test renders are free - give one, or both, a spin on the house!

Nuke is a powerful node-based compositing, editorial and review tool from Foundry. Blender is a free, open-source 3D creation suite used by both professionals and hobbyists alike.