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Rendering Large Stills In C4D With A 'Tiled Camera'

C4D has an upper limit of 16000 pixels in both directions, but a still image, at that size, will take a very long time to render, on a single machine.

Here is the link to a tutorial on setting up a "Tiled Camera" for rendering large stills, in C4D.

This tutorial shows you how to break a single-frame into "Tiles". Each tile can be rendered on a separate render-node, allowing multiple render-nodes to work in parallel, on all the tiles.

How to set up proper Gamma for your 3ds Max scene!

Gamma Correction is disabled by default for all 3ds Max renders. If Gamma Correction is enabled in your scene file, you can quickly enable it on the Launch Render page as well in order to get the properly rendered images. To verify your scene file requires Gamma Correction, open the "Gamma & LUT" dialog window inside 3ds Max. Here you will see whether or not Gamma Correction has been enabled. If so, enable the option on the Render Rocket Launch page and enter the same In/Out values. Learn more!