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Announcing Exclusive Free Virtual Studio Benefits to all Visual Effects Society Members


In partnership with the Visual Effects Society (VES), we're now offering a set of exclusive killer benefits for all VES members, giving them free access to our groundbreaking, cloud-based Virtual Studio platform. VES members can sign up and get for free:

  • 40 Virtual Workstation hours each month
  • 25 rendering credits each month
  • 50 Gb of “hot” storage
  • 50% off any purchased services

StratusCore’s Virtual Studio is a unified, secure platform that allows artists to create, store, share, render and transfer their work easily and collaborate simultaneously with globally dispersed teams. Complex 3D animation, visual effects and VR creation is latency-free at 60 frames per second using just a Windows browser and 8Mbps connection.

Today, Virtual Studio comes with Blender and GIMP supported out-of-the-box, and enables artists to add select owned licenses to their workstation. More software will be available soon for direct purchase in on-demand time increments in StratusCore’s upcoming tools marketplace. StratusCore will be offering exclusive training session with local VES Sections, as well as dedicated support opportunities. Stay tuned!

GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit Startup Spotlight

GeekWire Cloud Summit is this coming Wednesday, June 7 in Bellevue, WA! Denise, our CEO, be presenting with other top minds in tech. This technical conference will showcase cutting-edge ideas, trends and technologies that are transforming the computing industry. Register and join the developers, engineers, business leaders, investors, technology executives, media and many others who will be there.




Power of Play - Indie Gaming in Seattle

When my CEO came to me with the opportunity to hang out at Power of Play in Bellevue, I was very excited, but also mostly curious. As a former (and entirely reformed) fashion designer who is new to the world of games, my adventure into digital landscapes has been accidentally pretty immersive. I’ve stumbled my way into a Seattle social scene comprised of AAA studio 3D designers and concept artists, and suddenly I’m thinking about the design of game mechanics and how textures repeat over a 3D form about 100% more than I ever have in my life.

Power of Play, presented by Washington Interactive Network, is a day of knowledge exchange about everything surrounding the indie gaming community. Bellevue, being somewhat the epicenter of Seattle’s gaming hub with companies like Microsoft and Bungee nearby, is the obvious choice of venues and the Meydenbauer Center the perfect refuge on a rainy day. When the Seattle weather is being very typical where else is there better to escape than a VR game demo?

I was a bit early to the party and the crowd was sparse so I headed to the demo room to take advantage of the thin crowd. The games represented were super diverse content-wise and spanned the gamut from desktop to mobile to virtual reality. The first one that caught my eye was Lords of New York by Lunchtime Studios. I'm definitely the type of game player that's driven by aesthetics and a deeply immersive story. The game itself has a super diverse cast of characters all modeled after 1920’s prohibition-era personalities, which really allowed me to delve into my Jenny Diver fantasy. The game features poker predominantly, and really appeals to the part of me that fantasizes about smoking a cigar in a wood-paneled room.

The second game that really struck me was called Tiny Bubbles by Pine Street Code Wrks. Tiny Bubbles is not only beautiful aesthetically, but it’s incredibly relaxing to play. There was a moment in 2014 where I had a serious Candy Crush addiction and I still carry some deep shame from this period in my life, but there was no better way to spend a cramped subway ride to Brooklyn after a day of trying to match yarn colors. This game is better, like way better. It’s color palette is bright yet desaturated, and it’s animations are muted and soft. It also features a wiggly fish that winds its way through the puzzle, inflating bubbles with colors to expand the puzzle. I’m really looking forward to long commutes with this game.

In short, Power of Play was very inspirational. I’ve never imagined myself wondering if I could make my own game, but seeing a bunch of indie-gaming geniuses in the same room talking shop and trading secrets made my brain buzz. Maybe I can make my own game?

I won’t hold my breath, but I’m still dreaming about creating a digital runway experience through VR inspired by the color palette in Tiny Bubbles.


Jennifer Spriggs, StratuCore Visual UX Designer @jennlspriggs


Our CEO on Panel at Creative Storage Conference - Accelerating Workflows and Collaborative Tools

Did you know that cloud storage for M&E alone is expected to grow ~25x between 2015-2021 (4,826 PB to 130,152 PB), per the 2016 Coughlin Associates report? With the swell of content reach via million." s of new displays, new content types (VR, AR, 4K,...), more content originators and new content distributors, this growth is not unusual.

"It is abundantly clear that we are facing a tsunami sized wave of data and an unquenchable demand to store, protect, share and move it in massive volumes at greater speeds while being able to track and archive it almost at the particle level. StratusCore is tackling these issues head on with innovative solutions" - Warren Carr, Line Producer and 30 year industry veteran

Come see our CEO, Denise Muyco, talk about how cloud storage is meeting these arising needs, and how it also opens a whole new set of possibilities when companies move to what we call a "Network-Based Workflow".

Session Details

10:30 AM Session B: Accelerating Workflows and Collaborative Tools: Solid State, Object Storage and the Cloud in Media and Entertainment Production
Sponsored by Scality
Flash memory and other solid-state storage technologies are faster at reading and writing than HDDs but they are more expensive on a $/GB basis. On the other hand solid-state memory can provide more transactions per $ and have lower operational costs than HDD. This session will explore connectivity and interface technologies that are able to better use the capabilities of solid-state memory as well as look at the current and future application of solid-state memory for professional media and entertainment.

Moderator: Curtis Chan, Cognitive Impact


Janae Lee, Agylstor Inc. @BigDataEmpress
Denise Muyco, StatusCore @stratuscore
David Green, Amazon Web Services
Paul Speciale, Scality @pspeciale

Digital Hollywood Spring - our CEO, Denise Muyco, will be there Moderating a Panel

Will you be down at Digital Hollywood Spring May 23-25? Our CEO, Denise, will be there moderating a very interesting panel of successful women in Hollywood discussing Women in the Industry. It should prove to be a lively discussion with interesting viewpoints and takes on the state of the industry today and the unique - or not so unique - role women play. We hope you can make it to the panel and say hello to Denise. It is also going to be Live Webast if you can't make it in person.

The Details:

Women in the Industry: Developing Film, Television & OTT About Women - A Golden Age in Hollywood and Indie Production

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017
3:50 PM - 5:00 PM
Sponsored by Alliance for Women in Media SoCal
The Women's Summit - By Women - For Women - About Women
Track III: Haas Conference Center, Room 172-173, Live Webcast

  • Sophia Dilley, Vice President of Production and Development, Route One (Tallulah, Colossal, Landline)
  • Laverne McKinnon, Head of Television, Charlize Theron's Denver & Delilah Films (“GirlBoss")
  • Jaime Burke, co-founder and President, Lifeboat Productions
  • Rachel Feldman, Director/Writer - Film/TV/Digital. FAIR FIGHT, KINKS
  • Alicia Malone, Film Reporter, TV Host, Producer, Writer, Editor
  • Denise Muyco, co-founder and CEO, StratusCore, Moderator


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